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    Faculty job satisfaction at Illinois community colleges and the relationship with perceived presidential leadership styles
    From Mission to Measurement: Advancing Postsecondary Academic Advising Assessment and Practice through Evaluating Program Theory and Outcomes
    Harriet Beecher Stowe and the circulation of texts
    The Heart Can Thirst Because Obsession is a More Country: Poems and Lacemakers: Poems
    |How do you like this comment? : Persuasive effects of online comments and heuristic cues in crisis communication context
    How do you like this comment?: Persuasive effects of online comments and heuristic cues in crisis communication context.
    Identification of host-specific intervening sequences within 16S rDNA of fecal bacteria and their application for microbial source tracking in water (volume 1)
    Immunize the vaccine rumors: Effects of inoculation messages and tone of voice on HPV vaccine compliance
    The impact of sexual experience on the development of sexual self-concept and global self-esteem during adolescence and young adulthood : a prospective analysis
    Impressions and Characters: Travel Writing and Narration in the Novel from Victorian to Modern
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination : introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    The influence of client importance and country-level institutions on auditor behavior
    Investigation of antiviral strategies targeting Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I (HIV-1)
    Irrational behavior of algebraic discrete valuations
    Longitudinal Analysis of the Role of Early Head Start Services in the Emotion Regulation-Achievement Link
    Narrative, Online Community, and Health Belief Systems: The Forms and Functions of YouTube Vlogs on Bipolar Disorder
    Neurofilaments and pathologies of the Peripheral Nervous System
    Numerical solutions of Reeks-Hall equation for particulate concentration in recirculating turbulent fluid flow