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    Identification of host-specific intervening sequences within 16S rDNA of fecal bacteria and their application for microbial source tracking in water (volume 1)
    Immunize the vaccine rumors: Effects of inoculation messages and tone of voice on HPV vaccine compliance
    The impact of sexual experience on the development of sexual self-concept and global self-esteem during adolescence and young adulthood : a prospective analysis
    Impressions and Characters: Travel Writing and Narration in the Novel from Victorian to Modern
    Improving studies of war outcomes and termination : introducing the battles of modern warfare data set
    The influence of client importance and country-level institutions on auditor behavior
    Investigation of antiviral strategies targeting Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I (HIV-1)
    Irrational behavior of algebraic discrete valuations
    La poesia testimonial Womanista de Excilia Saldaña, Nancy Morejón y Georgina Herrera
    Longitudinal analysis of the role of early head start services in the emotion regulation-achievement link
    Narrative, online community, and health belief systems : the forms and functions of YouTube vlogs on Bipolar Disorder
    Neurofilaments and pathologies of the Peripheral Nervous System
    Numerical solutions of Reeks-Hall equation for particulate concentration in recirculating turbulent fluid flow
    Organizational culture in substance abuse treatment
    Patterns of Black Racial Identity Development of Black Men Affiliated with Historically Black Fraternities at a Large Predominately White University in the Midwest
    Physics-based modeling for RNA folding
    Porous spheres : direct observation of public social encounters in a small midwestern town
    Quasi-metric geometry
    Rats selectively-bred for low and high voluntary running: co-selected traits and the effects of voluntary running on the dentate gyrus transcriptome
    Reading in Mandarin and English: Using Reading Miscue Inventory and Retrospective Miscue Analysis with Adult English Language Learners