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    Rats selectively-bred for low and high voluntary running: co-selected traits and the effects of voluntary running on the dentate gyrus transcriptome [1]
    Reading in Mandarin and English: Using Reading Miscue Inventory and Retrospective Miscue Analysis with Adult English Language Learners [1]
    Reducing internalization of human pathogens in mung bean sprouts with endophytic Bacillus subtilis (volume 2) [1]
    Results on the Collatz Conjecture [1]
    Scriptorium: Poems [1]
    Shaping identity : an analysis of Hellenistic southern Italian ceramics and its implications for cultural and societal change [1]
    Spatial ecology of Western Ratsnakes (Pantherophis obsoletus) : implications for bird nest predation [1]
    Speaking skills or communication? : What undergraduate students say makes an effective international teaching assistant [1]
    Stigmatization in the classroom : an experimental study evaluating the efficacy of instructor strategic communicative responses to student stigmatization [1]
    A study of consumer responses to sustainability strategies in the hotel industry : examining the efficacy of corporate social responsibility [1]
    Studying macromolecular interactions on the large scale : a bioinformatics approach [1]
    Therapeutic targets for spinal muscular atrophy : Inhibiting the inhibitors [1]
    Three essays on financial markets [1]
    Using enstrophy-based diagnostics to examine the dynamic stability characteristics of anticyclones [1]
    Vascular dysfunction and insulin stimulated blood flow : impact of physical inactivity and type 2 diabetes [1]
    Work engagement of hospitality employees: examining work stresses as antecedents and customer orientation and employee voice as outcomes [1]