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    [2,3]-Sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfinates ; Regiodivergent synthesis of 1- and 2 arylsulfonyl 1,3-dienes, and III. Synthesis of Troger's base-derived ligands [1]
    Abuse and Pregnancy: Exploring Factors That May Contribute to Birthweight Disparities [1]
    Aging well : the effect of community and social resources on subjective wellbeing among older South Africans [1]
    Bayesian analysis for detecting differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data [1]
    Bayesian analysis of capture-recapture model and diagnostic test in clinical trials [1]
    Being social in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : a case study of youth with autism spectrum disorder learning social competence in iSocial [1]
    Biophysical studies of protein dynamics [1]
    Boron neutron capture therapy at the University of Missouri using select purpose-built compounds [1]
    City Location and Sell-Side Analyst Research [1]
    Classlessness as Doxa: Late Modernity and Changing Perceptions of Class Division in Iceland [1]
    Combining activities of daily living and scene understanding for continuous assessment of behavior patterns using depth data [1]
    Coriolanus versus the warrior women : a dramaturgical analysis of an adaptation of Shakespeare's play [1]
    County road 23 / [1]
    Data analysis and prediction of protein posttranslational modification [1]
    Development of a flow-based predictive model for the coalescence of fused deposition modeling filaments [1]
    Drinking in real life as an example of how expectations color experiences [1]
    Early predictors of child depression in at-risk families : latent profile analysis of risk factors occurring in ecological systems of young children [1]
    Electronic health record system implementation processes at critical access hospitals [1]
    Enhancing microbiological safety of water and food [1]
    Eph/Ephrin signalling in skeletal muscle development and regeneration [1]