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    2D and 3D modeling of the Laramide fold geometry of Derby Dome and its en echelon interchange with Dallas Dome, southern Wind River Basin, Wyoming [1]
    A 3D-imaging system for phenotyping of root systems in hydroponic substrate [1]
    6-Thioguanine and zebularine globally demethylate a canine lyphoma cell line [1]
    8 weeks supplementation of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate reduced postprandial inflammation in overweight/obese, but otherwise healthy, women [1]
    Acute phase proteins in naturally occurring respiratory disease of feedlot cattle : a novel approach to diagnosis [1]
    Adobe materials for structural walls [1]
    Adoption of nitrogen efficient eco-innovations by United States corn farmers. [1]
    Adoption of nitrogen efficient eco-innovations by US corn farmers [1]
    Advocating for the voiceless : a study on the persuasive effectiveness of human trafficking awareness PSAs [1]
    Affecting public opinions via social media--opinion leaders use of Weibo [1]
    Alcohol placebo effects on cognitive control of race bias : investigating neural mechanisms [1]
    Analysis and design of a hydraulic compaction machine to produce activated carbon pellets [1]
    Analysis of heavy-rain-producing elevated thunderstorms in the Mo-Ks-Ok region of the United States [1]
    An analysis of the spring-to-summer transition in the west central Missouri Ozarks [1]
    Anthocyanins from Norton pomace and color stability analysis for use as a colorant in plain Greek yogurt [1]
    Application of natural, non-nutritive, high-potency sweeteners and sugar alcohols individually and in combination in an acidified protein beverage model [1]
    Application of whey protein-polysaccharide complexes in aerated dairy gels [1]
    Application-driven overlay network as a service for data-intensive science [1]
    The applied usage and modeling of activated carbon storage systems [1]
    Assessing the relationship between adoption of the patient-centered medical home model and clinical quality in Missouri's federally qualified health centers [1]