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    Role of lithium and boron bearing fluids in crystallization and alteration of granitic pegmatites, San Diego, California [1]
    The role of postruminal amino acid supply and mitochondria function on residual feed intake [1]
    The role of RNAi genes in Neurospora crassa post-transcriptional gene silencing [1]
    Sedimentation enhancement by fabric inclined settling screen to decrease disinfection by-production formation potential [1]
    Shearing rate effects on drained shear strength of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) byproduct [1]
    Sn attenuation in the Northeast China [1]
    Social and environmental impacts of big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) logging on Peruvian indigenous communities [1]
    The social media question : understanding the content people read and share on Twitter [1]
    Soil hydraulic and physical properties as affected by logging management [1]
    Stereotype threat and the mass media : the athletic test performance of black and white students [1]
    Stone tool production in the Medio periphery : analysis of debitage from the 76 draw site (LA 156980) [1]
    Structural variation at the KIT locus is responsible for the piebald phenotype in Hereford and Simmental cattle [1]
    A study of engineered nanoparticles as potential food contaminants and their toxicity on Caco-2 cells [1]
    A study of polyurethane polymerization via modeling and experiment [1]
    A study on the benefits of including near-field effects in active-source surface wave data collection and interpretation [1]
    A survey of relationships among rare breeds of swine [1]
    Synthesis and trapping of an active site mimic of oxidized PTP-1B by small molecule nucleophiles [1]
    Systematic stages of group realignment case study : black group realignment, 1912-1964 [1]
    Techniques for efficient regular expression matching across hardware architectures [1]
    A temporal analysis system for early detection of health changes [1]