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    A study of polyurethane polymerization via modeling and experiment [1]
    A study on the benefits of including near-field effects in active-source surface wave data collection and interpretation [1]
    A survey of relationships among rare breeds of swine [1]
    Synthesis and trapping of an active site mimic of oxidized PTP-1B by small molecule nucleophiles [1]
    Systematic stages of group realignment case study : black group realignment, 1912-1964 [1]
    Techniques for efficient regular expression matching across hardware architectures [1]
    A temporal analysis system for early detection of health changes [1]
    Themes in and comparison of selected newspaper coverage of the Mormon Conflict in Missouri, 1831-1839 [1]
    To infinity and beyond: An exploration of the impacts of technological and economic changes on journalism [1]
    Tongue image difference detection [1]
    Toward the Celtic Tiger : integration and policymaking in Ireland's recent economic development [1]
    Traceability to farm and factory, country of manufacturing, and apparel purchase scenario [1]
    Transcriptome profiling of rattus norvegicus embryonic stem cells by RNA-sequencing [1]
    Twitter and television : a uses & gratifications study of Twitter usage and television viewing [1]
    Ultrafiltration of surface water by poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/TiO2 mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes (HFMs) with advanced antifouling properties under visible light irradiation [1]
    Ultrasonic biaxial stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates [1]
    University website marketing discourse and the Hispanic audience [1]
    The use of Twitter as a news source in sports reporting [1]
    A uses and gratifications study of niche social network sites [1]
    Using content analysis to examine the relationship between commercial and nonprofit organizations motives and consumer engagement on Facebook [1]