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    Azelnidipine attenuates inflammatory responses, siperoxide and relevant signaling pathways induced by amyloid-beta in mouse cerebral endothelial cells [1]
    A Bayesian approach to demand forecasting [1]
    Beef chuck muscle isolation has no effect on premium ground beef programs [1]
    Benchmarking in virtual desktops for end-to-end performance traceability [1]
    Bridging the gap between local and global approaches for 3D object recognition [1]
    Calculating information leakage using model checking tools [1]
    Capitular morphology in primates and fossils: 3-D measurements of the capitulum and possible implications for reconstructing locomotor adaptations in fossil primates [1]
    A case of documents in the cloud : what changes DocumentCloud brings to the practices of daily reporting [1]
    A case study of Pittsburg Magazine : an analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter from the perspective of magazine editors and readers [1]
    Challenges and successes of African American males in the health professions [1]
    Change in sludge settling and filtration properties and membrane fouling trends in MBR activated sludge systems operated at different solids and hydraulic retention times [1]
    Changes in selected soil quality indicators in forested soils following sawlog harvest [1]
    Characterization and nondimensional analysis of a variable speed centrifugal pump [1]
    Characterization of grape condensed tannins and their effect on Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) hindgut fermentation [1]
    Characterization of membrane-associated SecA [1]
    Charles and Ray Eames : shaping design through visual imagery [1]
    Computational optimization algorithms for protein structure refinement [1]
    Content reinstatement and source confidence during episodic memory retrieval [1]
    Counteracting traffic congestion using intelligent driver feedback [1]
    Credibility concerns for online newspapers : do reporter comments influence perceptions of credibility? [1]