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    Large scale modeling of precipitation induced landslides [1]
    Laterally loaded drilled shafts from full scale field tests [1]
    The legitimization by American newspapers of employees who are fired for social media posting or the employers who fired them : a framing analysis [1]
    Lek ecology of male greater sage-grouse in Carbon County, Wyoming [1]
    Less risky investment? : The impact of federalism on the inflow of foreign direct investment [1]
    Letting off steam : neo-imperial anxieties in postcolonial steampunk literature, aesthetics, and performance [1]
    Lewis-base polymers for modifying absorption and desorption abilities of silica supported, amine based solid carbon dioxide capture materials [1]
    Long-term effects of a prescribed fire regime on tree seedling density in an oak-hickory woodland [1]
    Longitudes and latitudes [1]
    LRFD for settlement analyses of shallow foundations and embankments-developed resistance factors for consolidation settlement analyses [1]
    Management impacts on GHG emissions and yield for an organic soybean crop [1]
    Management of annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) using post-emergence herbicides and plant growth regulators [1]
    Masquerade : self-presentation and self-awareness [1]
    Maximum hypothetical accident analysis for HEU to LEU fuel conversion at the University of Missouri Research Reactor [1]
    The May 2010 eruption of Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala : an experimental study of subliquidus magma rheology [1]
    Measuring and modeling stream and air temperature relationships in a multiland use watershed of the central United States [1]
    Measuring community resilience to disaster [1]
    Mechanical properties of rapid manufacturing and plastic injection molding [1]
    Mechanisms of transparent exopolymer particles (TEPs) fouling on ultra-filtration and its reduction by PVDF/N-TiO2 HFM [1]
    Modeling of hierarchical cathode for lithium air batteries with aqueous electrolyte [1]