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    Adobe materials for structural walls [1]
    Application-driven overlay network as a service for data-intensive science [1]
    A Bayesian classification framework with label corrections [1]
    Un cajón vacío es inimaginable. efectos del poder y la censura en la cultura cubana del período de la revolución [1]
    A case of uncertainty in the vertical integration decision [1]
    Comparison of nondestructive testing technologies used for inspection of welded joints [1]
    Data processing system for a personnel walking activity [1]
    A deep learning method for protein model quality assessment [1]
    A deeper sense of truth : William T. Vollmann's Seven Dreams Series and experiencing history [1]
    Design and analysis of reconfigurable phased array antenna for wireless local area network applications [1]
    A detection based sport player tracker [1]
    Develpment of soybean knowledge base for systems biology studies [1]
    A distributed CPU-GPU framework for large-scale pairwise alignment [1]
    El boxeador afrodescendiente entendido como "El Otro" en Los Golpes de la Esperanza de Alberto Salcedo Ramos [1]
    Engineering-based analysis of pre-development hydrology stormwater policy for transportation applications [1]
    Ensemble video object cut in highly dynamic scenes [1]
    Experience, awareness, and regulation of mixed emotions [1]
    Exploring the career development of Latino English language learners in a rural midwest high school [1]
    Extracting extremal features from 3D volume data [1]
    Fast and reliable hand action recognition [1]