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    6-Thioguanine and zebularine globally demethylate a canine lyphoma cell line
    8 weeks supplementation of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate reduced postprandial inflammation in overweight/obese, but otherwise healthy, women
    Advocating for the voiceless : a study on the persuasive effectiveness of human trafficking awareness PSAs
    Alcohol placebo effects on cognitive control of race bias : investigating neural mechanisms
    The applied usage and modeling of activated carbon storage systems
    Assessing the relationship between adoption of the patient-centered medical home model and clinical quality in Missouri's federally qualified health centers
    Characterization of dysphagia in a canine model of late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
    Comparison of the performance of three Raman spectroscopy substrates for detection of food contaminants.
    Comparison of the performance of three SERS substrates for detection of food contaminants
    Coparental strategies for managing childhood chronic illness in post-divorce families
    Covalent adduct formation between the antihypertensive drug Hydralazine and abasic sites in double and single-stranded DNA
    Crime against the body : an embodied cognition study of how platform affects responses to crime news
    Deletion of IP3 receptor2 in astrocytes enhances the hippocampal neurogenesis in adult mice
    The design of ultrafast routes to synthesis carbon nanotubes by microwave
    Electrodeposition of copper for metamaterial fabrication
    Electrospinning polyampholyte nanofiber membranes
    Etiological teleosemantics and theories of nonconceptual content
    Fabrication of a novel radiopharmaceutical: lutetium-177 loaded MCM-41mesoporous silica
    Gas adsorption on highly-purified magnesium oxide