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The miniature room

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Title: The miniature room
Author: Dunham, Rebecca, 1973-
Date: 2006
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia
Abstract: This collection of original poems is entitled The Miniature Room, at least in part to reflect its attempt at mining even the smallest detail for a larger truth. The poems themselves, brief and lyric in nature, function as poetic counterparts to the fine arts miniature. The poems also seek to record aspects of human-specifically female-experience through the voice of a speaker not very distant from the poet herself, as well as through the use of personas from throughout history. Preceding the poetry manuscript is an essay which elaborates upon my thoughts concerning lyric poetry and the miniature, developed in tandem with the poems. The essay traces the history of the miniature and surmises that one may view the miniature as a metaphor for the modern lyric poem.
Other Identifiers: DunhamR-042706-D5074

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