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dc.contributor.advisorBoyer, Nathaneng
dc.contributor.authorNorby, Ericeng
dc.coverage.spatialUnited Stateseng
dc.date.submitted2014 Springeng
dc.description.abstract[ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] My paintings are an exploration of notions of originality and sincerity, the picturesque, and process through the lens of the gridded western landscape. The perceived lawlessness and expansiveness of the American west is at odds with the desire to frame and compress. By superimposing a grid onto the images I choose, I act to literally "lay down the law," and confine and delineate the sense of expansiveness. The works in my thesis act as an attempt to balance the formal qualities of Modernist painting with the conceptual features of Post-Modernism that I find particularly important, such as the Modernist notion of medium specificity and the Pictures Generation's skepticism toward originality. Combining these elements, I create work that transgresses the boundaries of these critical frameworks. By exploring and researching the elements of Modernist painting and Post-Modernist modes of making, I aim to create a visually and textually rich body of work that embraces the key elements of these eras.eng
dc.description.tableofcontentsAcknowledgements -- List of llustrations -- Introduction -- Art History. Cezanne, Cotman, Manet, Vuillard ; Timothy O'Sullivan ; Pop and Neo-Dada ; Pictures Generation ; Contemporary Art. Gerhard Richter ; Vik Muniz ; Michelle Grabner ; The Grid in History -- Pop Culture Lineage -- Art History Conclusion -- My Work. Flattening Space ; Flattening Space and Seriality in My Work ; The Landscape ; Punctum ; The Grid ; Process ; The Internet ; Anti-Developmental Aspects of My Work ; Specific Formal Choices in Presentation ; Reasons for Titles ; Presentation in Gallery -- Conclusion -- Illustrations -- Works Cited.eng
dc.format.extent1 online resource (v, 91 pages) : color illustrations + 2 supplementary files.eng
dc.publisherUniversity of Missouri--Columbiaeng
dc.rightsAccess is limited to the campuses of the University of Missouri.eng
dc.subjectAuthor supplied: painting, grid, landscape, watercoloreng
dc.subject.lcshLandscape painting, Americaneng
dc.subject.lcshWatercolor paintingeng
dc.subject.lcshModernism (Art)eng
thesis.degree.disciplineArt (MU)eng
thesis.degree.grantorUniversity of Missouri--Columbiaeng

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