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    Accelerating data-driven discover in type 1 diabetes: an informatics-based approach [1]
    Accelerating development of simulation-based medical skill training programs : a comparative evaluation research study [1]
    Analysis of the information needs of primary care physicians in an electronic health record (EHR) [1]
    Analyzing high-throughput genomics data for cancer studies [1]
    Assessing variance in inpatient hospitalization rates for three major chronic conditions [1]
    An assessment of medication pattern changes in prescription received by youth offenders in divison of youth services facilities through telepsychiatry [1]
    Assisted living facilities residents' and relatives' preferences for family access to their medical and personal information [1]
    Association between Health-Related Quality of Life measures with bladder cancer characteristics and survival outcomes in older bladder cancer patients : a clustering approach [1]
    A case-control based genomic analysis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [1]
    Clinical decision support system for the healthy marriage program [1]
    Comparative machine learning approach for biomarker identification using multiomics data from patients with endometriosis [1]
    Comparison of simple moving average and arima timeseries forecasting models on independent historic data and extrapolating echo program attendance [1]
    Demographic and trend analysis of COVID-19 test results of Boone County, Missouri [1]
    Design and implementation of serverless architecture for i2b2 on AWS cloud and Snowflake data warehouse [1]
    Designing a holistic prototype and evaluating the requirements of long-term care electronic health record [1]
    Determining the impact of usability issues of primary care physicians by expertise when using an electronic health record [1]
    Developing a HIPAA compliant EMR system : TigerPlace case study [1]
    Developing a model of psychiatric visit non-adherence [1]
    Efficient search and comparison algorithms for 3D protein binding site retrieval and structure alignment from large-scale databases [1]
    Evaluating usability, effectiveness, and usage of telehealth technologies / [1]