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    Identification of trends in racial/ethnic disparities of patients with diabtes mellitus using web-based tableau dashboard- a cross sectional study [1]
    Implementation of a fuzzy rule-based decision support system for the immunohistochemical diagnosis of small B-cell lymphomas [1]
    Improving the usability and utilization of cancer registry data : the need to identify a core data set [1]
    Measuring the speed and efficacy of clinical decision making when comparing two different data visualizations for medications [1]
    Measuring the speed and efficacy of clinical decision-making when comparing two different data visualizations for medications [1]
    A mixed methods evaluation of a tool assessing Adult Learning Theory content in EHR training [1]
    Modeling Protein-Ligand Interactions with Applications to Drug Design [1]
    A novel and dynamic prediction engine for practicing precision medicine to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting [1]
    Prediction of clinical events in elderly using sensor data : a case study on pulse pressure [1]
    Program evaluation dashboard design and development for Missouri telehealth network show-me echo program [1]
    Recidivism and resource use by mental health patients in the emergency room [1]
    Repetitive sequence analysis for soybean genome sequences [1]
    The role of electronic medical record in nation care delivery, development: case study on Ghana [1]
    A study to reduce the number of preventable emergency visits at community level [1]
    Studying macromolecular interactions on the large scale : a bioinformatics approach [1]
    Uncovering morphoproteomic relationships using probabilistic graphical models and resource description framework knowledgebases [1]
    Understanding intensive care unit clinical communication using knowledge representation [1]
    Understanding structure, function, and evolution of protein-protein interactions by computational modeling and analysis [1]
    Use of patient generated health data in ischemic heart disease [1]
    A User-centered Design of Patient Safety Event Reporting Systems [1]