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    18th and 19th century Coverture and how it affected laws, love, and life
    Accents and Second Language Acquisition: Comprehension and Intelligibility of Accented French
    Adaptive Ecosystem Management: A Systemic and Pragmatic Approach to Environmental Problem Solving
    Analysis of Obesity (ob/ob) and Diabetes (db/db) Mutation Syndromes on Hypothalamic Medial Basal Nucleic Neuronal Degeneration in C57BL/Ks] Mice
    Analyzing Value Propositions to Understand Consumer Motivation: Increasing Attendance at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
    Art and the Healing Process-Improving Mental Health
    Attentional and Psychophysiological Correlates of Future Time Perspective Manipulation: An Eye-Tracking Study
    Bar girls and mail-order brides : American Imperialism in the Philippines during the Marcos Era, 1965-1986
    The Beat Generation's Impact on Neal Cassady and San Francisco
    Beat to Death: The Beat Generation's Impact on Neal Cassady and San Francisco
    Being and Humor
    The biodiversity of nematode populations in aquarium environments
    The Boy Who Ate Books: The Popularization of St. Thomas Aquinas through the Legenda Aurea
    Business as Usual: A Comparison of Crack-Selling Street Gangs and Legitimate Corporations
    "But the Lord Almighty Reigns": The Diary of a Missionary in China's Boxer Rebellion
    But the Lord Almighty reigns: the diary of a missionary in China's Boxer Rebellion
    Can Morphemic Analysis Impact Vocabulary Instruction?
    Case series: Pertussis in a rural community
    Censorship and Theater in 20th Century Russia