• Art and the Healing Process-Improving Mental Health 

    LaCombe, Katrina Jean (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This study aims to find what art processes have been used to help with mental dysfunctions in a variety of populations. While many dysfunctions and many interventions were included in the paper, the main focus was to find ...
  • The Effects of Calorie Information on Food Choice 

    Penrod, Molly (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016-05-17)
    Decision making is a constant activity, from making the decision to get out of bed to choosing which TV channel to watch at night. Food choice is especially pervasive – it’s estimated that a person makes approximately 220 ...
  • The Effects of Trauma on Emotion Regulation and Skin Conductance Level 

    Clark, Paris (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 5/19/2014)
    This study will explore the relationship between trauma, emotion regulation and skin conductance level (SCL) in a young adult population. More specifically, we will study how past trauma experiences and self-reported ...
  • Examining learning potential in undergraduate college students 

    Cale, Nicholas T. (2011-04)
    This study looks at the impact that Test Anxiety (TA) has on undergraduate college students' Learning Potential (LP). Students were randomized into high- or low-threat conditions and completed a battery of assessments. It ...
  • Impulsivity, Intelligence, and Snack Consumption Among Young Children 

    Commons, Johanna (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 3/2/2015)