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The three Americas

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Title: The three Americas
Author: Mascarenhas, João Marcos Gomes
Date: 2006
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia
Abstract: This instrumental piece is the result of my attempt to mix principles of modern fine art composition techniques with melodies, rhythms, and harmonies, originated from the popular music of the three Americas. From South America, I used elements of baião, maracatú, afoxé, lundú, and samba. From Central America, I used elements of guaguancó (son), rumba, merengue. And finally from North America I used elements of rock, hip-hop, and especially contemporary jazz in which a lot of 20th century fine art composition techniques and theoretical aspects are employed. In addition, because popular music isextremely dance oriented, extensive use of ostinatos and or repeated figures is employed in my composition.
Other Identifiers: .b66822403

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