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    The FilmTech experience [1]
    Final report of Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund proposal, leading the future of the retail industry through creating digital/virtual student project showcases [1]
    iLab : immersive visualization lab [1]
    Implementation of building information modeling for ShowMe Solar decathlon 2011 and ArchSt 4815 studio V [1]
    Inside Missouri business : final report [1]
    Integrating wellness into trauma treatment : a holistic interdisciplinary approach for foster children [1]
    iPhone 3G student developer competition [1]
    iSTUDIO : an interactive form-making environment for art and architectural teaching [1]
    ITongue : an iPhone app for personal health monitoring based on tongue image [1]
    Location based information exchange : final report [1]
    MedZou full scale EMR adoption and implementation project : interdisciplinary fund grant application [1]
    Missouri drone journalism final report : a collaborative effort between KBIA, MU Information Technology Program and MU School of Journalism [1]
    Mizzou unmanned systems team IIF final report [1]
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovation Fund Grant final report : sharing our world [1]
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund Grant final report : mental health cross-training project ($24,240) [1]
    MU Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund Grant Status Report [1]
    MU ITC grant status report : KCOU [1]
    MUITC - IIF 2013-2014 [1]
    MUTV digital editing station : final report [1]
    Outcome report for Vetusta Monumenta [Ancient Monuments] : a digital edition project [1]