Recent Submissions

  • Water Quality Innovation Fund : final report 

    (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    "The Environmental Science Club designed an innovative research project to establish environmental sensing stations that monitor the climate around the University of Missouri--Columbia campus. Campus environmental data is ...
  • Student speak : final report 

    Brent, Edward; Atkisson, Curtis; Segert, Ines (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    There were 6 objectives of the project. ... 1. Coding scheme. ... 2. Automated coding. ... 3. Automatically generated report. ... 4. Integration with MU's MyCourse and MoCAT. ... 5. Made available free to MU. ... 6. ...
  • MUTV digital editing station : final report 

    (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
  • Location based information exchange : final report 

    Bock, Stephen; Guo, Junhua; Sun, Xie; Wang, Qia; Yao, Qiuming (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    What we have achieved: Through this project, we have achieved a location-based information exchange and sharing platform on campus. This platform can let people in university search for and post information based on specific ...
  • iLab : immersive visualization lab 

    Balakrishnan, Bimal (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    Proposal Summary: We proposed to develop the iLab: a large-screen, stereoscopic display environment to support 3-dimensional visualization with the 2009-2010 MUITC Interdisciplinary Innovations fund. The iLab provides an ...
  • Student-parent success 

    (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    Proposal for the 2009/2010 IIF project "Student-Parent Success." From the original description: "ParentLink is seeking $25,000 in seed money to create a student-centered project called Student-Parent Success. The goal of ...
  • Sexual health and technology project 

    Allen, Kim; Eastman-Mueller, Heather; Meisenbach, Rebecca (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    Proposal for the 2009/2010 project "Sexual Health and Technology Project." Results from a study conducted in spring 2008 (n=956) showed that approximately 75% of MU respondents had engaged in oral and vaginal sex in their ...
  • Sustain Mizzou research farm equipment purchase 

    Tucker, Mitch; Albertson, Emily; Saunders, Adam; Hubbart, Jason; Starbuck, Christopher J. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    Proposal for the 2009/2010 project "Sustain Mizzou Research Farm Equipment Purchase." From the original description: "Sustain Mizzou is requesting funds for specialized data collection devices, data loggers, gardening ...
  • The Chameleon Team 

    Buffaloe, Barbara; Grantham Lough, Katie; Wesselschmidt, Luke; McDermott-Kelty, Jacqueline; Abdul-Majid, Rashad; Glass, Bryan; Benson, Heather; Tofle, Ruth Brent; Britt-Rankin, Jo (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2008)
    Proposal for the 2008 project: "The Chameleon Team." The University of Missouri?Columbia (MU) and Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) have teamed to develop an exciting energy conservation product. The ...