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    Adding intelligence to a floor based array personnel detector [1]
    Analysis of the potential for flow-induced deflection of nuclear reactor fuel plates under high velocity flows [1]
    Angular limb deformities affecting the canine radius and ulna : classification using the center of rotation of angulation method [1]
    App chaining software-as-a-service for an advanced manufacturing marketplace [1]
    Assessing the role of probiotics for the enhancement of soil quality under cover crops [1]
    An assessment of the whole tree weight, wood density, and specific gravity of four species groups in Washington County, Missouri [1]
    Associative learning and thiamine based flavor preference [1]
    Atypical MVT, Zn-Cu-rich mineralization in the lower portion of the Bonneterre Dolomite, Viburnum Trend, southeast Missouri, U.S.A. [1]
    The blame frame : does shifting responsibility from the individual to society in news stories about diabetes influence where readers place responsibility? [1]
    Border crossings, identities, and creative nonfiction : Haitian travel guides and writing about Haiti [1]
    Broad-scale resource selection and food habits of a recently reintroduced elk population in Missouri [1]
    Calibration of VISSIM and QuickZone programs for work zone traffic impact analysis [1]
    Characterization of acyclic rhodium tetrathioether ligans systems for 105Rh(III) [1]
    Characterization of dissolved organic matter in water using Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy : implication for chemical composition and effects of water sources [1]
    Characterizing low-dimensional phenotypes by clustering [1]
    A cinema of confrontation : using a material-semiotic approach to better account for the history and theorization of 1970s independent American horror [1]
    Citizens United and the 2012 Election : how did the presidential campaigns and outside PACs frame the candidates? [1]
    Classification of mixed data points for coupled circles estimation [1]
    Classification of twitter trends using feature ranking and forward feature selection [1]
    Climate and regeneration at upper treeline east and west of the continental divide in the northern and southern Rocky Mountains : do landscape- and localscale moisture gradients impact the biogeographic expression of climate change? [1]