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    An analysis of interannual and interdecadal variability to increase flood response preparedness of the Missouri National Guard
    An analysis of mammalian taxonomic diversity and domposition of early Paleoindian zooarchaeological assemblages in the United States
    Analysis of transcript abundance of uterine genes after application of bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins to endometrial explants
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) for measurement of cell elastic properties
    Automatic 3D face reconstruction and tracking using consumer RGB-D camera
    Beneath and above the worlds of the spirit are alive : religion, place, and Ohlone cultural revival
    Captive management, stress, and reproduction in the Guam kingfisher
    Childhood sexual abuse outcomes among different ethnic/racial groups : a comparative study
    Comparison of co-granulated fertilziers to equivalent blends of phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc in a corn-soybean rotation
    Controlled loading of cryoprotectants (CPAS) with cell volume constraints
    Corporate social responsibility : cultivating brand reputation through social media
    Cover crops : an alternative practice to improve soil physical properties and soil water dynamics
    Development of a pregnancy associated glycoprotein assay to detect late embryonic mortality in cattle
    Development of standardized and validated survey methods for assessing unionoid mussel assemblages in Missouri
    Distributed association rule mining using an in-memory cluster computer framework
    The division of moral labor : prospects, problems and progress in examining the moral status/social category relationship
    DNA insulator minimizing interactions between adjacent transgenes, transcriptomes contrasting callus induction of somatic embryogenesis in maize B73
    Epistemic virtue and knowledge attribution
    An examination of protective factors and coping strategies of pre-service teachers completing different cerification routes