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    A mems variable capacitor with barium titanate (BaTiO3) dielectric layer for energy harvesting
    Mobile image analysis for seed phenotyping
    Modified polyamide fiber for arsenic adsorption
    Mortgage-backed confusion : explaining the 2008 financial crisis through narrative in three books
    A new circuit for personnel detection using signal scavenging
    Optimizing medical performance utilizing electrodermal activity stress levels
    The outlaw
    Prediction of surface roughness and diameter deviation in drilling ti-6al-4v alloy using artificial neural networks and Taguchi's design of experiments
    Preload-induced changes in systolic and diastolic performance in the aged and young murine heart
    Redefining Latina/Latino immigrant well-being : a qualitative approach
    Relations of support seeking and life satisfaction among Latina/o immigrants in the Midwest
    Secured middleground for user and service integration in in federated network monitoring
    Sheet retrofit systems for concrete slabs for blast mitigation
    Shostakovich in the United States of America : timelines, commentaries, and photographs for his three visits
    Sibling proteins and their influence on collagen-i fibrillogenesis and denaturation
    Spatial modeling for social inequality : a geographic perspective
    Specters of otherness : essays on the intersection of religious studies, feminist theory, and alterity
    Subsurface explosive hazard detection using MIMO forward-looking ground penetrating radar
    Superharmonic Responses of an Oscillator with Impact
    Text mining with neural network and MapReduce