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    Optimizing medical performance utilizing electrodermal activity stress levels [1]
    The outlaw [1]
    Prediction of surface roughness and diameter deviation in drilling ti-6al-4v alloy using artificial neural networks and Taguchi's design of experiments [1]
    Preload-induced changes in systolic and diastolic performance in the aged and young murine heart [1]
    Redefining Latina/Latino immigrant well-being : a qualitative approach [1]
    Relations of support seeking and life satisfaction among Latina/o immigrants in the Midwest [1]
    Secured middleground for user and service integration in in federated network monitoring [1]
    Sheet retrofit systems for concrete slabs for blast mitigation [1]
    Shostakovich in the United States of America : timelines, commentaries, and photographs for his three visits [1]
    Sibling proteins and their influence on collagen-i fibrillogenesis and denaturation [1]
    Spatial modeling for social inequality : a geographic perspective [1]
    Specters of otherness : essays on the intersection of religious studies, feminist theory, and alterity [1]
    Subsurface explosive hazard detection using MIMO forward-looking ground penetrating radar [1]
    Superharmonic Responses of an Oscillator with Impact [1]
    Text mining with neural network and MapReduce [1]
    Tongue image change detection [1]
    The troubling voices of Confederate women : the language of family, religion, and rebellion on the occupied Civil War home front [1]
    Two sample inference for high dimensional mean with application to gene expression data [1]
    Understanding the behavior of three component polyampholyte hydrogels for tissue engineering applications [1]
    Water infiltration and soil water content in claypan soils influenced by agroforestry and grass buffers compared to row crop management [1]