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    Branding "real" in the "Aerie real" campaign : the commodification of women's issues in Postfeminist advertising [1]
    Combating high pH/high TA Missouri wines and its impact on non-volatile and sensory characteristics [1]
    Complexity reduction and visualization tool for RDF knowledge network application in precision medicine [1]
    Cross-cutting knowledge organizations as leverages of entrepreneurial activity [1]
    Development of p- and y- multipliers for design of slope stabilizing piles [1]
    Differential effects of increasing physical activity and reducing energy intake on cardiometabolic and energetic parameters in obesity-prone juvenile rats [1]
    Drink bleach : the anti state of mind [1]
    The effect of emotional facial expressions on item and associative memory in younger and older adults [1]
    Effect of water, rice flour and small red bean on physical properties of tapioca pearl [1]
    The effects of aging and fsh on the epigenome of the mouse oocyte [1]
    Effects of lactic acid source on properties of beef sausages restructured with alginate gel [1]
    Establishment and yield of bioenergy miscanthus on clayplan soil ladscapes [1]
    Fabrication of a photoconductive switch for a slass E amplifier [1]
    Fast object detection on raw depth images [1]
    A framework for histopathology image segmentation and classification [1]
    Genetic influences on non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal thoughts and behaviors [1]
    Impact of anion exchange surface of permeable separator on performance of zinc alkaline primary battery [1]
    Incidental word learning during reading : which skills do children use? [1]
    Influence of agroforestry buffers on soil hydraulic properties relative to row crop management [1]
    Is 2d:4d a stable trait during child development? [1]