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    The [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfonates to allenic sulfones and further applications to oxacycles and dihydrofuranones [1]
    Accessibility and inclusion in health professions education : perceptions and experiences of disabled college students [1]
    Accessing axis : exploring design coginition from visual and haptic experiences as an apparel designer in digital 3d imaging using 3d printing technology [1]
    Acquisition, utilization, and retention of foundational fraction concepts by middle grade students [1]
    An action research study of program implementation in a rural reservation school district [1]
    Aerobic exercise training as a mitigator of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease related fibrosis [1]
    Aerosol evolution : explorations in DSMC and sectional techniques [1]
    Affective modulation of post-auricular reflexes to serial probes : a test of the nursing hypothesis [1]
    After sales services for repairable parts with service level agreements [1]
    Age-dependent branching processes and applications to the Luria-Delbrck experiment [1]
    Agriculture during the Reagan years [1]
    Algae for wastewater treatment and polishing : development of methodologies for algal growth and population analysis and process optimization of algal membrane bioreactor [1]
    Ambulatory assessment of physiological arousal, emotion, and alcohol use [1]
    Amorphous silicon germanium oxide (Si[sub]xGe[sub]yO[sub]1-x-y) thin films for uncooled infrared microbolometer [1]
    Analysis of host-pathogen interactions via clustering, statistical analysis, and data visualization [1]
    Analyzing high-throughput genomics data for cancer studies [1]
    And the wood doll arose and told, I'm a real [1]
    Application of advanced adsorption processes for dissolved organic matter and heavy metal removal from water sources [1]
    Application of real-time PCR for detection of antibiotic resistant pathogens and Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli [1]
    Application of systems factorial technology and hierarchical Bayesian modeling to chunking in working memory [1]