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    An action research study of program implementation in a rural reservation school district [1]
    Aerobic exercise training as a mitigator of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease related fibrosis [1]
    Affective modulation of post-auricular reflexes to serial probes : a test of the nursing hypothesis [1]
    Amorphous silicon germanium oxide (Si[sub]xGe[sub]yO[sub]1-x-y) thin films for uncooled infrared microbolometer [1]
    Analyzing high-throughput genomics data for cancer studies [1]
    And the wood doll arose and told, I'm a real [1]
    Behavioral consequences of polyploidy in hyla chrysoscelis treefrogs : implications for speciation and underlying mechanisms [1]
    Changes in properties of lamprey reticulospinal neurons following spinal cord injury [1]
    Climate change in the Missouri central hardwood region : consequences for forest landscapes, and management strategies [1]
    Coping, multicultural personality, acculturative stress and psychological adjustment among Chinese international students [1]
    Countering the detrimental influence of negative electronic word of mouth on brands : effects of brand feedback, stability and controllability of the cause of the problem on brand attitudes and purchase intentions [1]
    Device-level composition in ReWire [1]
    Does the benchmark assessment tool show a significant directional correlation between professional development and student achievement : what effect does the level of implementation of PLCs in schools have on student achievement? [1]
    The (dys)functionality of deceptive affection : using a goals-based approach to understand the process of deceptive affection and its connection to relational health in friends with benefits and other intimate relationships [1]
    The effects of stereotype threat on the associative memory deficit of older adults [1]
    Examining the relationship between place attachment and community involvement : impact on social capital in communities in rural Missouri [1]
    Exploration of the contentious relationship between increased work engagement and service worker well-being [1]
    Extending the classroom check-up to parent involvement : a brief consultation intervention with teachers [1]
    A fast non-dominated sorting guided genetic algorithm for multi-objective power distribution system reconfiguration problem [1]
    Fault evolution and strain partitioning within deforming continents [1]