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    Longitudinal links between maternal parenting behaviors in early childhood and academic outcomes and mother-child relationship quality in middle childhood
    The metaphysics of content : towards a minimalist account of propositions
    A mixed methods approach to learning styles in hospitality online education : support for faculty and students
    No crown without the cross : the formation, existence, and disappearance of the Catholic Stage Guild of Ireland
    Nuclear forensic applications of uranium oxide chemistry and morphology
    On the kinetics and mechanisms associated with covalent inactivation of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b (ptp1b) by dietary phytochemicals and affinity labeling molecules
    Partially informative normal and partial spline models
    Preschool effectiveness : the impact of attending a school district affiliated prekindergarten program on student success
    Quantitative analysis of the relationship between factors of servant leadership, school culture and academic achievement in ten Missouri middle-level schools
    Role of copper in defending against bacterial infection
    The role of myostatin deficiency in the development and biomechanical integrity of offspring bone
    A salience account of explanatory power
    Simulation aided analysis of polyurethane reaction systems
    Stages of change, coparenting patterns, and post-divorce parent education programming : a pre-program assessment
    Statistical analysis of bivariate interval-censored failure time data
    Strategies for tailored messages : interaction of personal value orientation and freedom threat for chronic diseases management and behavior changes
    Study of dielectrophoresis effect of dipolar molecules in electric field of nanopore and development of medical diagnostic nanopore sensor
    A study of nanostructured materials toward coronary artery stenting and DNA-based biosensing
    Synthesis of exo-affinity labeling agents of protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 1