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    Algae for wastewater treatment and polishing : development of methodologies for algal growth and population analysis and process optimization of algal membrane bioreactor [1]
    Application of advanced adsorption processes for dissolved organic matter and heavy metal removal from water sources [1]
    Bayesian hierarchical models for estimating nest survival [2]
    Bayesian smoothing spline models and their application in estimating yield curves [1]
    Between cultural diversity and fantasy : hybridity, pop cosmopolitanism and transnational media fandom [1]
    The birth and adoption of kinship: Folklore and fakelore in the context of nation-states and world religions [1]
    A case study of organizational culture change in a hospital [1]
    Characterizing the roles of an Arabidopsis Epsin n-terminal homology domain protein in plant innate immunity [1]
    Chief executive officers' courage [1]
    Chlorine and singlet oxygen photoelimination from organoplatinum(IV) complexes [1]
    Computational studies of five macromolecular systems [1]
    Conservation payments to reduce tropical deforestation and degradation : evidence from the Ecuadorian Andes to the Amazon basin [1]
    Cue the disgust: the effect of smoking cues and disgusting images in anti-tobacco advertisements on smokers' and nicotine-withdrawn smokers' psychophysiological responses, smoking urges, and intent to quit smoking [1]
    Culturally speaking : media, intimacy, and the vocal dimension of race and gender [1]
    Delineating the functional roles of dynamin related proteins in plant innate immunity [1]
    Determinants of international cooperation : reciprocity, opportunity, and cooperative norms [1]
    Developing an integrated screening and progress monitoring tool for internalizing problems in middle school students [1]
    Differences in processing of interactive infographics on different screen sizes and interface types [2]
    An ecological model of health information acquisition on the Internet [1]
    Empirical analyses of dynamic categorical data [1]