This collection holds group reports written by students in the Emerging Technologies in Libraries course offered by the MU School of Library Science and Emerging Technologies.

Recent Submissions

  • Gaming in the library 

    Apple, Elizabeth; Archer, Dustan; Arnold, Heather; Lee, Jacob; Mass, Dustin (2015)
    Libraries are vital public spaces which benefit from a variety of collections. While video games may be a relative newcomer, board games have had a place in libraries since at least 1933 (“Broadening our definition,” 2008, ...
  • Developing media literate students 

    Townsend, Kerry (2015)
  • 10 technology resources for public librarians 

    Brockmeier, Kathryn; Rethmeier, Jodi; Sewell, Lisa; Yates, Kirsten (2015)
    This publication is meant to be inspiration for public library staff who are looking for ways to bring technology tools to their staff and patrons. We have attempted to compile some of the most accessible technologies that ...
  • Top ten technologies for academic libraries 

    Bergner, Amy; Dyer, Danielle; Richtman, Kyla; Whitaker, Natalie (2015)
    It is becoming increasingly important for libraries to keep up in the rough and tumble world of emerging technologies. This is especially true for academic libraries that often work with professors and students utilizing ...
  • Top ten technology resources for young adult library services 

    McInnish, Evalyne; Moesel, Sara; Pulley, Chelsea; Ross, Dana (2015)
    Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, and has given us countless tools and resources to enhance our jobs. In this document, we present ten top emerging, exciting technologies for use in enhancing the library ...
  • Emerging technologies useful for working in digital humanities 

    Carmer, Justine; Disney, Bridget; Seavey, Aubrey; Wallenbeck, Rachel (2015)
    Digital Humanities is a rapidly growing field focused upon the relationship between technology and the humanities. This includes tools to research, access, explore, explain, collect data, document, and/or archive content ...