Items in this collection represent publications of the Department of Anthropology faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Personal Epistemology 

    Benfer, Robert Alfred (2003)
    The author explores his beliefs and perspectives, from both a professional and personal level.
  • “Maybe” Should Be a Choice in “Yes-No” Questionnaires 

    Benfer, Robert Alfred; Furbee-Losee, Louanna; Storer, John (2003)
    By permitting respondents to answer “don't know” or “possibly” to queries otherwise intended to be “yes” or “no” questions, a new dimension of the interview becomes available for analysis. By coding “yes” and “no” as “yes, ...
  • Proyecto de investigaciones arqueológicas en Buena Vista, Valle del Chillón 

    Benfer, Robert Alfred; Restaure, Hugo Ludeña; Vallejos, Miriam (2005)
    Las excavaciones en el sitio Precerámico de Paloma, Valle de Chilca (Engel 1980; Benfer 1982, 1990, 1999) y otros (Weir, Benfer, and Jones 1987; Pechenkina et al. 2006) han aportado importantes datos del período Precerámico ...