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    DMLA: A Dynamic Model-Based Lambda Architecture for Learning and Recognition of Features in Big Data [1]
    Examination of the Relationship between Startle Eyeblink Modulation and Perceived Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis [1]
    Expression Pattern of Drug-Resistance Genes in Matched Clinical Isolates of Candida albicans at Variable Fluconazole Exposure Times [1]
    Fanning the Flames of Discontent: The Free Speech Fight of the Kansas City Industrial Workers of the World and the Making of Midwestern Radicalism [1]
    Five Ekmousikés for Solo Piano [1]
    The Footsteps Die Out For Ever (2016) for narrator, drum set, and orchestra [1]
    Fresh Meat Rituals: Confronting the Flesh in Performance Art [1]
    Gulshan Muraqqa’: An Imperial Discretion [1]
    Health care access of Hispanic immigrants in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area [1]
    Heartbeat for Orchestra [1]
    Hello, Cruel World: Antonin Artaud’s Pursuit of Primal Theatre [1]
    Identification of demographics and comorbidities associated with Vascular Hamartomas [1]
    iHear – Lightweight Machine Learning Engine with Context Aware Audio Recognition Model [1]
    Implementing Product Line Architecture with Code Generation and Separation [1]
    Influence of Bracket Type Combined with Delayed Light Activation on Bracket-Adhesive Shear Bond Strength [1]
    Influence, Innovation, and Structure: Modernist Evaluative Criteria in the Reception Histories of Charles Ives and Jean Sibelius [1]
    Intentions to Eat a Healthy Diet: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior in an African American Faith-Based Population [1]
    Interprofessional Collaboration Across the Treatment Process in Music Therapy [1]
    Investigating the Link Between Mechanics and Bone: A Local Approach to a Multi-Scale System [1]
    Knowledge of Dental Students with Respect to Orthodontic Diagnosis and Clear Aligner Therapy [1]