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    Improving Diabetic Foot Exam among African American Veterans in a Primary Care Clinic [1]
    Improving Early Infant Feeding Practices with an Evidence Based Education Handout [1]
    Improving Identification of Adolescents at Risk for Substance Use Disorders [1]
    Improving Medication Adherence With Buprenorphine Treatment in Pregnant Women With Opioid Use Disorder [1]
    Improving Nurse Retention with a New Employee Mentoring Training Program [1]
    Improving Nursing Student Resilience Using Online Simulation and Resilience-Based Content in a Pediatric Course [1]
    Improving Outcomes for Psychiatric Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: An Evidence Based Quality Initiative [1]
    Improving Provider Comfort with the Assessment and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction [1]
    Improving Role Transition, Recruitment, & Retention Through A Structured APRN Orientation Program [1]
    Improving Student Confidence in Communication: A Simulation Intervention [1]
    Improving the Recognition of Celiac Disease in Pediatric Primary Care [1]
    Incorporating a Rapid Geriatric Assessment in Primary Care [1]
    Increasing Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings in Somali Women through Community Education [1]
    Increasing Compliance of Diabetic Screening Eye Exams [1]
    Increasing Education to Decrease Caregiver Burden of the Alzheimer’s Disease Patient [1]
    Increasing Identification of Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults with Obesity by Utilizing the STOP-Bang Questionnaire in Primary Care [1]
    Influence of a faculty development workshop on clinical evaluation practices in a nurse anesthesia program [1]
    Infusing Geropsychiatric Nursing Content into Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Curricula: Challenges and Solutions [1]
    Low-Carbohydrate Diet Education for Weight Loss [1]