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    Patient Engagement in Advance Care Planning in Primary Care [1]
    Patient Satisfaction Outcomes Following Antibiotic Resistance Education for Adults [1]
    Pediatric Behavioral Health Screening in the Primary Care Practice [1]
    Pediatric Oral Health Promotion in Primary Care Utilizing Standardized Education [1]
    Pharmacogenetic Testing to Reduce Depression and Anxiety in Adults Treated with Low-Dose Lithium [1]
    Phone Call Reminders for Pediatric Influenza Vaccination [1]
    Physical Activity and Medication Adherence to Decrease Stroke Risk in Atrial Fibrillation [1]
    Political astuteness of Nurse Practitioners [1]
    The Political Astuteness of Nurse Practitioners Following a Successful Legislative Journey [1]
    Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Prevention Program to Decrease Development of Diabetes in Adults [1]
    A Prechemotherapy Video Education Intervention to Decrease Anxiety in Patients with Gynecologic Cancer [1]
    Prelicensure Apprenticeship Program for Role Transition in Graduate Nurses [1]
    Prelicensure Externship to Increase Competence and Retention in Graduate Nurses [1]
    Preventing Primary Cesarean Sections for First-time Mothers: Use of a Labor Dystocia Checklist [1]
    Primary Care Heart Failure Education Program to Improve Quality of Life [1]
    Primary Stroke Education Using the ASCVD Risk Calculator and the Stroke Knowledge Test in Primary Care [1]
    Provision of Telelactation Support to Improve Breastfeeding Outcome [1]
    A Psychiatric Walk-In Model Providing Immediate Access for Patients Across the Lifespan [1]
    Psychotherapeutic Interventions for Depression: Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adults [1]
    Reducing Gender Binarism in Primary Care through Gender Diversity Education [1]