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    Stimulant Holidays in Children and Adolescents with ADHD: A Retrospective Study to Explore Variables in Parent and Prescriber Initiated Holidays [1]
    Stress-Management for Undergraduate Nursing Students to Increase Success Rates [1]
    Stroke Education to Reduce Adult Stroke Risk: An Evidence-Based Quality Initiative [1]
    Supporting At-Risk Nursing Students to Increase Final Course Grade [1]
    Teaching Nurses Cognitive Rehearsal Training to Confront Bullying and Lateral Violence [1]
    Toxic Stress Education for Pediatric Practitioners to Improve Health Outcomes [1]
    Transitional Care Intervention [1]
    Transitional Care Intervention to Reduce 30-day Readmission Rate in Cardiac Transplant Patients [1]
    Transitional Care Interventions to Reduce Readmission in Patients with Heart Failure [1]
    Use of The Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services © (RAAPS) Tool for Improving Detection and Follow-up Rates in Adolescents [1]
    Using Education to Improve Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake among Adolescents [1]
    Using Nurse Practitioner Coordinated Group Visits [1]
    Using Nurse Practitioner Coordinated Group Visits to Improve Diabetes Outcomes in a Primary Care Practice [1]
    Using Telemedicine to Improve Breastfeeding Outcomes in the Primary Care Setting [1]
    Videoconferencing Interventions for Older Adult Loneliness, Depression, and Isolation [1]
    A Violence Prevention and Preparedness Educational Intervention in Primary Care Clinics [1]
    A Vitamin D Protocol Post Liver Transplantation [1]
    Vivitrol Medication Adherence Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic in An Outpatient Substance Abuse Clinic [1]
    Weight Management Program on Self-Esteem in Adolescent Females Classified as Obese [1]
    Wellness Promotion in Community-Dwelling Older Adults [1]