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    Accents and Second Language Acquisition: Comprehension and Intelligibility of Accented French [1]
    An Analysis of Discipline in a Post-Pandemic Era [1]
    Analyzing Value Propositions to Understand Consumer Motivation: Increasing Attendance at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum [1]
    Art and the Healing Process-Improving Mental Health [1]
    Associations between Caregiver and Child Self- Regulation [1]
    Attentional and Psychophysiological Correlates of Future Time Perspective Manipulation: An Eye-Tracking Study [1]
    BeeHouse [1]
    Being and Humor [1]
    Clinical and Gene Expression Data Reveal Subtypes of Pediatric T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia [1]
    Comparisons of Support Among K-12 Music Teachers in Missouri and Kansas [1]
    Culturally Responsive Creative Practices in an Urban Project-Based and Arts-Integrated School [1]
    Day of the Week Twitter Phishing Impact [1]
    Diagnosis Differences in Childhood Mental Health Disorders [1]
    Emotional Reactions to Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art [1]
    The Ethical Implications of Stem Cell Research [1]
    Exploration of the Referral Process of Social Work Within a Policing Structure [1]
    Exploring the Partisan Underpinnings of Conspiracy Theories [1]
    Failing the Fight: The Historical Context of U.S Environmental Conservation and How Endangered Species are Mismanaged in the Current Legislature [1]
    Fleeing from the Storm: Identifying Climate Change as a ‘Threat Multiplier’ to Migration in the Sahel Belt [1]
    The Future of STIs in Missouri: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Cape Girardeau County [1]