Recent Submissions

  • Identification and management of turfgrass diseases 

    Tian, Peng; Chhetri, Manoj; Corwin, Barb; Tisserat, Ned; Fresenburg, Brad (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 2022)
    "This publication is designed to be a useful reference for diagnosticians, turfgrass managers, industry representatives and others who want to learn how to diagnose and manage common turfgrass diseases caused by plant ...
  • Enlist label compliance: how to determine hydrologic soil groups 

    Polly, Sam (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 2022)
    "For compliance with the Enlist labels registered in February 2022, producers must know the Hydrologic Soil Group (HSG) for the soil series on which they are applying the herbicide. HSGs are used to estimate runoff potential ...
  • Elderberry insect and disease management 

    Warmund, Michele (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 2021)
    "This guide is the first known spray schedule to be developed for insect and disease control for field-grown elderberry in Missouri. Pesticide products labeled for greenhouse or high-tunnel-grown plants differ from those ...
  • Best management practices for nitrogen fertilizer in Missouri 

    Scharf, Peter; Lory, John (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Missouri crop producers use a wide range of practices to supply nitrogen to their crops. The timing, rate and method of application, as well as the source of nitrogen and the use of additives, vary widely across the state ...
  • Missouri weed seeds 

    Fishel, Fred; Bradley, Kevin W. (Kevin Wayne), 1973- (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    The purpose of this publication is to assist those who attempt to identify weeds by their seed characteristics. This guide is intended not only for agricultural professionals, but also those who are hobbyists, such as FFA ...
  • Crop nutrient deficiencies & toxicities 

    Stevens, Gene; Motavalli, Peter; Scharf, Peter; Nathan, Manjula; Dunn, David (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    Soil fertility is one of several factors, including light, moisture, weeds, insects, and diseases, that affect crop yield (Figure 1). An important part of crop farming is being able to identify and prevent plant nutrient ...
  • Introduction to crop scouting 

    Fishel, Fred; Bailey, Wayne; Boyd, Michael; Johnson, Bill; O'Day, Maureen; Sweets, Laura; Wiebold, Bill (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    "Crop scouting is an essential part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Integrated pest management uses field-specific information and improved decision- making to protect crop yield and quality while minimizing the risks ...
  • Missouri frost/freeze probabilities guide 

    Guinan, Pat (University of Missouri Extension, 2018)
    "This guide provides a generalized view of expected last spring and first fall frost dates for Missouri to help you in making your plant-sensitive management decisions. Typically, the first fall frost (temperature of 32 ...
  • Pesticide storage 

    Fishel, Fred (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division, 2018)
    "The purpose of this guidesheet is to address the guidelines that will help ensure the safe and environmentally friendly storage of pesticide products."
  • Elderberry rust (2017) 

    Warmund, Michele, 1956- (University of Missouri Extension, 2017)
    This guide discusses the symptoms, disease cycle and disease management of elderberry rust.
  • Insect and mite pest of apples (2001) 

    Barrett, Bruce A. (University of Missouri Extension, 2001)
  • Weed management systems for environmentally sensitive areas (2002) 

    Johnson, William G.; Smeda, Reid J.; Hans, Sarah; Hellwig, Kaleb (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Effects of water pH on the stability of pesticides (2002) 

    Fishel, Fred (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Thistles and thistle-like plants of Missouri (2002) 

    Fishel, Fred (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Pesticide storage (2002) 

    Fishel, Fred (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Noxious weeds of Missouri (2002) 

    Fishel, Fred; Johnson, Bill; Hoette, Gary (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Temperature effects on storage of greenhouse, ornamental and turf pesticides (2002) 

    Fishel, Fred (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Biological and integrated control of musk thistle in Missouri (2001) 

    Puttler, Benjamin; Bailey, Wayne C. (University of Missouri Extension, 2001)
  • Watermelon bacterial fruit blotch (2002) 

    Jett, Lewis W.; Baker, Timothy P.; Corwin, Barbara (University of Missouri Extension, 2002)
  • Integrated pest management in Missouri's green industries (2008) 

    Kirk, Steven D.; Fresenburg, Brad S.; Starbuck, Christopher J. (University of Missouri Extension, 2008)

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