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An absurd beauty

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Title: An absurd beauty
Author: Salov, Amanda
Date: 2007
Publisher: University of Missouri--Columbia
Abstract: Human beings are ephemeral; our relationships are ever changing and our environments are transitory, yet we continually deny this basic principle. This transitory nature is an absurd beauty that encompasses the human condition. We should not view passing and change as a flaw, but as a quality of life that is consequently valuable. We often dismiss these incomprehensible moments far too quickly. Yet, when we embrace this space of the unknown it has the potential to alter notions of our relationships. I present the essence of temporal beauty in my sculptural work. I am showing - through the indirect and deviously flexible nature of the forms - that process and change are constant and we do affect and alter our relationships. I want the work to find the space between things that divides the soft and hard qualities, which we all possess. When this space of vulnerability is exposed, we grow.
Other Identifiers: SalovA-033009-T6324

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