Recent Submissions

  • Introduction to Trade Secrets (1993) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Trade secrets, or confidential technological and commercial information, are the most important assets of many businesses. The law protects trade secrets as alternatives to patents and copyrights.
  • Is Exporting for Me? (1999) 

    Gauler, Brian (University of Missouri Extension, 1999)
    Today's business world is also global. Consumer items should remind us that products we manufacture and sell domestically can also serve needs overseas. Countries worldwide represent markets for our products and services. ...
  • Introduction to Trademarks and Other Marks (1993) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Marks distinguish products and services. Because many consumer decisions are based on "recognized names," the goodwill attached to certain marks gives them their value. Marks are protected by law and prevent others from ...
  • Safety Management for Small Business Owners (1993) 

    Zalac, Thomas W. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Successful accident prevention programs depend on: Employer leadership ; Safe and healthful working conditions ; Safe work practices by employees. If any of these three essentials is missing, accidents on the job are more ...
  • Introduction to Patents (1993) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    A patent has the potential of providing tremendous wealth to its owner. The owner can prevent all others from using, making or selling the patented item throughout the United States for as long as 17 years. However, the ...
  • Business Plan (1994) 

    Buchanan, Walter T.; Drexler, S. James (University of Missouri Extension, 1994)
    By the time you get serious enough about an idea to need a business plan, you will have already spent a lot of time thinking about it and doing a great deal of informal research. Now you have to refine all your vague guesses ...
  • Marketing Plan (1993) 

    Drexler, Jim; Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    A marketing plan is probably both the most important and least thought of aspect of a new business. Without a marketing plan, (1) product or service acceptance is normally far below potential, (2) promotional dollars are ...
  • Break-Even Analysis for Management Decision-Making (1993) 

    Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Break-even analysis can help management decide among many financial alternatives. Several decisions are aided by break-even analysis, such as those relative to pricing and machinery or equipment purchasing.
  • Systematic Plant Layout (1993) 

    Posani, Madhu (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Material-handling costs comprise anywhere from 30 to 75 percent of total manufacturing costs. Any savings in material handling realized through a better arrangement of the departments is a direct contribution to the ...
  • Make or Buy Analysis (1993) 

    Posani, Madhu (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    One of the initial steps to set up operations in a new plant or for a new product is selection of equipment. But before one proceeds to select the equipment that is essential for manufacturing and assembling the designed ...
  • Setting an Organization's Direction and Performing the Entrepreneurial Function--A Checklist for Action (1993) 

    Letzkus, Rebecca; Letzkus, Rebecca L. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
  • Finding Satisfying Employment (1994) 

    Slocombe, Thomas E.; Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1994)
    Work places are changing faster now than at any time in our history, and the rate of change apparently will continue to increase. Few of us can still expect to work for the same employer for a lifetime. Today, the average ...
  • Managing Your Time (1993) 

    Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    No one has enough time. Time is a unique resource as it cannot be accumulated like money or stock-piled like materials. We spend it at a fixed rate. Since all of us have exactly the same amount of time, the real problem ...
  • Working With Your Banker (1993) 

    Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    Banks are in the business of lending money. Loans to small business owners constitute a significant part of most bank investments. Business owners should realize that their banker wants to work with them and will go to ...
  • Efficiency Audit Guidelines (1993) 

    Amos, John M. (University of Missouri Extension, 1993)
    An efficiency audit allows a firm to systematically review its entire operation and to determine potential cost reductions. Areas for potential cost reduction include management, production, purchasing, marketing and ...
  • Introduction to Commercializing Ideas (1995) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1995)
    An idea has little value to society if it is not converted into something tangible and available to the public. Generally, an idea that cannot earn a reasonable profit in our society will not be made public. Therefore, ...
  • Introduction to Copyrights (1995) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1995)
    A copyright generally prevents reproduction of a copyrighted work for the life of the author, plus 50 years. A copyright owner can sue anyone who infringes his rights to stop illegal reproduction, impound infringing articles, ...
  • Introduction to Protection of Ideas (1998) 

    Myers, Donald D. (University of Missouri Extension, 1998)
    Products of the mind touch almost all areas of commerce in our industrial society. They are the single most important source of innovation and progress and range from useful and break-through chemical compounds to publishable ...