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    Financial Downturn and Impact on Biosciences Development [1]
    Freedom to Operate and Selected Issues [1]
    Fuel Cell Policy Recommendations [abstract] [1]
    Functional MRI Studies of Health Behaviors [1]
    The Fungal Genetics Stock Center at UMKC is an International Biological Resource Center [1]
    Future Renewable Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems [1]
    A genetic linkage map of the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus [1]
    Genetically-modified animals: powerful tools for biomedical research [1]
    “Girls Go Green”- A Pre-College Summer Experience Focusing on Energy and the Environment [abstract] [1]
    Governor Nixon's address to the Missouri Energy Summit 2009 [videorecording] [1]
    Governor Nixon's address to the Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit 2010 [videorecording] [1]
    Green house gas reduction through injecting CO2 in the subsurface [abstract] [1]
    Green, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective Refrigerated Storage Facilities [1]
    Guaranteed Energy Efficiency [abstract] [1]
    Guided-mode resonance biochip system for early detection of ovarian cancer [1]
    High Speed Production of Large Coal to Facilitate Easier and More Effective Cleaning [1]
    Hydrogen Generation via Novel Supercritical Water Reformation Technology [1]
    Hydrogen Safety in Accidental Release Scenarios [abstract] [1]
    Impact of Clopidogrel Pretreatment on Ischemic Complications of PCI among Bivalirudin-Treated Patients: Results from the EVENT Registry [1]
    Implementation of Advanced Fuels and Combustion for Internal Combustion Engines [1]