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    Commercialization of novel biomarkers of male fertility in humans and farm animals
    Commercializing Academic Research Using NIH SBIR Funding
    The company of strangers
    Comparative Oncology and Clinical Translation of glyco protein conjugated Gold Nano Therapeutic Agent (GA-198AuNP) [abstract]
    Comparative Ophthalmology - scientific discovery and innovation create synergies for veterinary and human medicine
    A Comparative Study between Antibody and Peptide Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for In Vivo Targeting of EGFR in Pancreatic Cancer Bearing Mice Models [abstract]
    Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics Expertise to Support Life and Health Sciences Research and Industry
    The consolations of ambiguity : an essay on the novels of Anthony Burgess
    Constructing proteome and metabolome maps for genetic improvement of energy-related traits in soybean [abstract]
    Continuous Monitoring of Tissue Regrowth Using Optical Biosensors
    Creating a Health Care Business from University Research
    Creation of 'Super Avastin': A New Nanomedicine Approach for the Treatment of PXE and AMD [abstract]
    Cultural events
    Currents in the contemporary Argentine novel : Arlt, Mallea, Sabato, and Cortázar
    Cytotoxic Oleanane-type Triterpenen Saponins with N-acetyl Sugar from Albizia inundata [abstract]
    Dangerous Drug Reactions on the S&A iPhone App [abstract]
    David Rice Atchison of Missouri, border politician
    Decade of fear : Senator Hennings and civil liberties
    Defining the SMART Grid for Electric Utilities [abstract]
    Derivation and characterization of LIF and FGF2 dependent Porcine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells [abstract]