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    Commercializing Academic Research Using NIH SBIR Funding
    The company of strangers
    Comparative Oncology and Clinical Translation of glyco protein conjugated Gold Nano Therapeutic Agent (GA-198AuNP) [abstract]
    Comparative Ophthalmology - scientific discovery and innovation create synergies for veterinary and human medicine
    A Comparative Study between Antibody and Peptide Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for In Vivo Targeting of EGFR in Pancreatic Cancer Bearing Mice Models [abstract]
    Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics Expertise to Support Life and Health Sciences Research and Industry
    The consolations of ambiguity : an essay on the novels of Anthony Burgess
    Constructing proteome and metabolome maps for genetic improvement of energy-related traits in soybean [abstract]
    Continuous Monitoring of Tissue Regrowth Using Optical Biosensors
    Creating a Health Care Business from University Research
    Creation of 'Super Avastin': A New Nanomedicine Approach for the Treatment of PXE and AMD [abstract]
    Cultural events
    Currents in the contemporary Argentine novel : Arlt, Mallea, Sabato, and Cortázar
    Cytotoxic Oleanane-type Triterpenen Saponins with N-acetyl Sugar from Albizia inundata [abstract]
    Dangerous Drug Reactions on the S&A iPhone App [abstract]
    David Rice Atchison of Missouri, border politician
    Decade of fear : Senator Hennings and civil liberties
    Defining the SMART Grid for Electric Utilities [abstract]
    Derivation and characterization of LIF and FGF2 dependent Porcine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells [abstract]
    Detector Paralysis Factor and Dead-time Measurements [abstract]