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    Detector Paralysis Factor and Dead-time Measurements [abstract]
    Development and characterization of fluorescent dye-doped nanoparticles with enhanced fluorescence intensity and photostability [abstract]
    Development of a Capillary Blood Mail-in Kit for the Measurement of Hemoglobin A1c
    Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain
    Development of Absorption and Fluorescence Probes Based on Mouse Model for Molecular Optical Imaging [abstract]
    Devices and Materials in the Continuous Monitoring of Metabolites
    Dickens, Manzoni, Zola, and James : the impossible romance
    Discovery and Mechanistic Characterization of Novel SARS Coronavirus Inhibitors that Block Viral Entry [abstract]
    Do Patients with Craniosynostosis Have an Increased Incidence of Auditory Neuropathy as Newborns?
    Do you believe in Cabeza de Vaca?
    Donald Barthelme's fiction : the ironist saved from drowning
    Dose escalation safety study of Nanotax® in dogs [abstract]
    A dream with no stump roots in it
    The drive-in
    Dynamic Metabolic Flux Analysis of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Central Metabolisms [abstract]
    Early Breast Cancer Detection Using Fluorescence Mediated Tomographic Imaging [abstract]
    Early cancer screening with P-scan technology
    Early Cancer Screening with Pteridines as Biomarkers
    The economic and community impact of the University of Missouri System, FY 17
    The effect of oxy-fuel combustion with simulated flue gas recycle on NOx formation and flame stability in a 20 kW coal and coal/biomass combustor [abstract]