• Biomedical Tissue Engineering - Where We Go in the Future 

    Bonewald, Lynda F.; Brotto, Marco; Day, Delbert E.; Detamore, Michael S.; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis); Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel) (2010-03)
    Researchers and entrepreneurs examine breakthroughs in tissue engineering and regeneration that enhance healing, remodeling, and recovery.
  • Creating a Health Care Business from University Research 

    Day, Delbert E. (2010-03)
    This presentation opens with a brief review of the Consortium for Bone and Tissue Repair and Regeneration which is a collaborative research program between faculty in the Dental School at UMKC and the materials programs ...
  • Investigation and Optimization of Silorane-Based Polymer System [abstract] 

    Kilway, Kathleen V., 1963-; Weiler, R. A.; Melander, J. R.; Miller, B. D.; Nalvarte-Kostoryz, Elisabet L. (Elisabet Lourdes), 1958-; Schuman, T. S.; Velez, Mariano; Day, Delbert E.; Bonewald, Lynda F.; Eick, J. David (John David), 1939- (2010-03)
    This research is a collaboration between Department of Oral Biology in the School of Dentistry at UMKC, Department of Chemistry in The College of Arts and Sciences at UMKC, Department of Chemistry at Missouri Science and ...