• Biomedical Tissue Engineering - Where We Go in the Future 

    Bonewald, Lynda F.; Brotto, Marco; Day, Delbert E.; Detamore, Michael S.; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis); Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel) (2010-03)
    Researchers and entrepreneurs examine breakthroughs in tissue engineering and regeneration that enhance healing, remodeling, and recovery.
  • Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain 

    Moiz, Fahad; Huang, Qian; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    A telemetry unit designed to monitor strain in bones is presented. This unit allows studying the relationship between bone load and bone mass in scenarios that were not possible with current setup. The current measuring ...
  • Effect of Radius on Load Distribution within Mouse Forearm Structure: Experimental and Numerical Analyses 

    Lu, Yunkai; Thiagarajan, Ganesh, 1963-; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    It has been hypothesized that osteocytes are stimulated by local strain distribution within the bone subjected to mechanical loadings. This collaborative research project between bone biologists and mechanical engineers ...
  • Flexible Carbon Nanotube-Based Strain Gage Sensors 

    Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    Aging brings about dramatic changes in the skeleton and other organ systems. Major skeletal diseases associated with aging include osteoporosis and attendant fractures (hip, spine and wrist or Collies) and osteoarthritis ...
  • New Insights Revealed by Genetic Studies and the Future of Treating Bone Health Related Issues 

    Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    This presentation will examine the major role played by genetic studies in the identification of a fundamental pathway, the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, and it's now appreciated multiple roles in bone cell biology. ...
  • Skeletal Muscle - Bone Crosstalk Regulating Osteocyte Function [abstract] 

    Lara, Nuria; Karabilo, Julia; Hall, Todd; Wacker, Michael J.; Andresen, Jon; Brotto, Marco; Bonewald, Lynda F.; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    Osteocytes are thought to be the primary cell in bone that responds to mechanical loading and the traditional view is that skeletal muscle's role relative to bone is in the application of those loads. We have hypothesized ...