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    Landfill Methane Collection in Brazil [abstract] [1]
    Leveraging Particle Size and Structure to Control Release of Pharmaceuticals for Human and Animal Health [abstract] [1]
    Life Sciences Patent Prosecution Pitfalls [1]
    Logistic modeling of a biomass utilization system [abstract] [1]
    Make It Your Own Clinical Trials Posters: A Regional Collaboration with the National Cancer Institute [1]
    The “Male Pill”: The Learning Curve from Basic Science to the Drug Development Pipeline and the Strength of Interdisciplinary Collaboration [1]
    Mariesa Crow Electric Energy Podcast [1]
    Mariesa Crow Energy Storage Podcast [1]
    Mariesa Crow Power Grid Podcast [1]
    Maternal exercise during pregnancy and the influences on cardiac autonomic control [abstract] [1]
    Mechanism-based Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Rescues Brain from Focal Cerebral Ischemia-induced Damage and Improve Neurological Outcomes in Mice [abstract] [1]
    Microalgae-Derived Biofuels and Bioproducts: Integration of Algal Feedstock Production and Biorefinery Processes [abstract] [1]
    Microphotonic Harsh Environment Sensors for Clean Fuel and Power Generation [1]
    Midwest Cancer Alliance: Partnership to Support Quality Cancer Care [1]
    Midwest Research Institute [1]
    Missouri Botanical Garden: plants for a sustainable future [1]
    Missouri Energy Summit 2009 Program [1]
    Missouri S&T Hydrogen Fuel Cell EcoCAR [1]
    Mixing characteristics of bubble columns with internals for Biomass to liquid synthesis [abstract] [1]
    Modeling Environmental Impacts of Bio-fuel Production [abstract] [1]