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    Quantitative Profiling of S-Nitrosylated Proteins in Parkinson's Disease Paradigms for the Effects of Botanical Phenolics [abstract]
    Quantum energy levels of hydrogen adsorbed on nanoporous carbons: an intrinsic probe for pore structure, and improving Monte Carlo simulations of adsorption [abstract]
    Rapid label-free diagnostics for biomedical applications using advances in optics nanotechnology
    Reduction in the Energy Cost of Minerals through at-the-face Comminution and Separation of Mineral and Waste [abstract]
    Regulation of Phosphorylation of Dopamine D3 Receptors in Mouse Striatal Neurons in vivo
    Renewable Energy Revenues, Carbon Credits, and Subsidies in Agricultural Waste Treatment Economic Decisions [abstract]
    Renewable Energy Solutions for MU [abstract]
    Research in motion
    A Research Program Nuclear Energy Conversion
    A Research Program on Very High Temperature Reactors
    The Role of Life Sciences in Building Regional Economy
    The Role of Life Sciences in Building Regional Economy [videorecording]
    Root Growth under Drought --- Role of Cell Wall Localized Reactive Oxygen Species [abstract]
    Scheduling Plug-in Vehicles in the Vehicle-to-Grid Concept [abstract]
    Science Outreach and Informal Science Education-Programs and Partnerships [abstract]
    Security in Future Cyber-Physical Power Systems [abstract]
    Security Integration for Electric System Assets [abstract]
    Selective Laser Sintering and Freeze Extrusion Fabrication of Bioglass Bone Scaffolds [abstract]
    Self-Aligned Microchip Device for Automated Measurement of Quantal Exocytosis [abstract]
    Senator Bond's address to the Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit 2010