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    UMKC Center of Excellence in the Study of Dental and Musculoskeletal Tissues (CEMT) [abstract]
    Unconventional Gas Production from Thin Coal Seams [abstract]
    Understanding the Risk for Neuropsychiatric Disorders Using Functional Brain Imaging
    The University of Missouri Center for Sustainable Energy
    University of Missouri Chief Research Officers Panel [videorecording]
    University of Missouri Extension Energy Programming [abstract]
    University of Missouri Led Energy Efficient Projects in Global Market: Application of Sustainable Ground Energy in Olympic Facilities [abstract]
    Unprecedented protection of the retina from glaucoma-induced nerve damage by topical administration of a novel prodrug
    Use of Aggregation Prediction in Protein Formulations for Excipient Design
    The Use of Modulated Light to Enhance Oil Production from Algae in an Underground Environment [abstract]
    Using a PV system to power an emergency water disinfection system
    Using Biodiesel as a Lubricity Additive for Petroleum Diesel Fuel
    Using simple nervous systems to investigate the neural basis of behavior
    Using wind energy to power an environmental clean-up system [abstract]
    Venture Investment in Life Science
    The Vision of the International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine (I2NM2)
    The Vision Research Center of Kansas City
    Walk A Hound, Lose A Pound, & Stay Fit for Seniors
    Welcome and keynote address [videorecording]
    Why Humans Do What They Do: Interdisciplinary Research on Decision Making at the University of Missouri