• Chief Research Officers Panel [videorecording] 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Arshadi, Nasser; Bonewald, Lynda F.; Duncan, Robert V.; Kiel, Cindy; Krishnamurthy, K.; Tait, Raymond C.; Terranova, Paul F.; Guikema, James; Bloedel, Jim (University of Missouri (System), 2010-03)
    Video of Chief Research Officers Panel from Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit 2010. Institutional strengths, successful collaborations, and future opportunities are discussed.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Tissue Regrowth Using Optical Biosensors 

    Bhagwat, Prajakta; Henthorn, David B.; Kim, Chang-Soo (2010-03)
    The engineered regeneration of bone is a significant challenge being undertaken to treat conditions such as traumatic casualties, bone cancer, osteoporosis, etc. Advances in regrowth of hard tissue may potentially lead to ...