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    At the Crossroads: ¿Incorporation of Marginalization? : Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference: Columbia, Missouri, June 13-15, 2012 [1]
    Barriers to Professional Integration Among Latino Immigrants in Missouri [1]
    Cambio de Colores : Latinos in the Heartland : Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference : At the Crossroads: Incorporation or Marginalization? Columbia, Missouri, June 13-15, 2012 [1]
    Chicanos: beyond the border; the creation of a university class [1]
    A closer look at the Latino BSN student [1]
    Creating a dual Ph.D. degree program between Oklahoma State University & Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico [1]
    Creating an immigrant friendly community to enhance financial, social, and cultural capital : Sioux County, Iowa [1]
    Crossing educational borders : the impact of international experiences on teachers [1]
    Cultural transition, identity crisis and challenges of a foreign professional [1]
    Developing Latino entrepreneur support networks: the Wapello County microloan [1]
    DM - Community Decision Making (MU Extension) ; 7624 [1]
    Exploring the meanings of food and agriculture for Latino youth through the use of PhotoVoice in three Iowa cities [1]
    Family nutrition education program in Missouri [1]
    Fostering Prosocial Behaviors in Mexican and European American Adolescents Parenting and Gender Roles Considered [1]
    Hispanics and Housing During the Economic Downturn [1]
    Latino farmers and USDA agents talk about challenges to access and use of USDA programs [1]
    Of possibilities and limitations: maternal self-perceptions of agency in children's Spanish/English bilingual development [1]
    Protection for Undocumented Children Sexual Abuse Among Latino Children Living in The Heartland [1]
    Reframing the Conversation on Diversity [1]
    Social Capital in Rural Southwest Kansas [1]