Cambio de Colores: Latinos in Missouri : Connecting Research to Policy and Practice, Hoy y Mañana : Proceedings of the 4th Annual Conference: Columbia, Missouri, March 30-April 1, 2005. Columbia, Mo. : University of Missouri.

Recent Submissions

  • Immigration Reform: Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Problems 

    Waslin, Michele (Cambio Center, 2009)
    In January 2004, after more than two years of silence, President George Bush reignited the national immigration debate when he proposed a new guest worker program. Members of Congress of both political parties have entered ...
  • Bilingual Education 

    Espinosa, Linda (Cambio Center, 2008)
  • The Nature and Extent of Latino Immigrants' Communication with Their Children about Sexual Issues 

    Dannerbeck, Anne; Sable, Marjorie; Campbell, James; Gonzalez, Eleazar; Hauman, Roxana (Cambio Center, 2008)
    The second and third generation of Latino immigrants have historically not faired as well as their foreign-born parents on many health measures, such as life expectancy, unplanned pregnancy and drug use. To better prepare ...
  • Latinos in Missouri : Conference Abstracts 2006-2008 

    Jeanetta, Stephen C.; Valdivia, Corinne B.; Cambio de Colores (5th : 2006 : Columbia, Mo.); Cambio de Colores (6th : 2007 : Kansas City, Mo.); Cambio de Colores (7th : 2008 : Columbia, Mo.) (Cambio Center, 2009)
    This proceedings is a compilation of the three Cambio de Colores conferences held between 2006 and 2008. In 2006, the theme "Latinos in Missouri: Beyond Borders" explored the extent to which the flow of people, goods and ...