• Energy Infrastructure Development Breakout Panel 

    Crow, Mariesa; Clevinger, Brian; Downey, William H.; Ferdowsi, Mehdi; Kenny, Barbara H.; Martinez, Linda M.; Wilbers, Brenda (University of Missouri (System), 2009-04)
    This panel addressed the current challenges facing the country's energy infrastructure and discussed possible solutions.
  • Future Renewable Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems 

    Crow, Mariesa (2009-04)
    The mission of the FREEDM engineering research center is to develop the fundamental and enabling technology to demonstrate the FREEDM system and through such development and demonstration, foster a revolution in innovation ...
  • Using a PV system to power an emergency water disinfection system 

    Elmore, Andrew Curtis; Crow, Mariesa (2009-04)
    Emergency relief efforts commonly include the provision of safe drinking water to populations whose normal water supplies have been disrupted. An alternative to the shipment of bottled water to the impacted areas is the ...